Love Letter Excerpt

If you’re reading this, maybe you’ve been to a Signal Problems performance recently. If so, you’re probably aware that we’ve been working out some new ways of performing together since recording the Signal Problems CD in 2013. If you haven’t seen us recently, you probably have no idea what that’s all about because I haven’t posted any recordings or videos in a long time.

Here’s a little peek into part of a recent performance I particularly enjoyed. This is part of a 20-30 minute long suite called Love Letter that has increasingly involved some quasi-theatre over the last few years. In it’s current incarnation, each performance muses on a particular theme or suggestion that I give the band in secret. This segment starts about 5-7 minutes into a performance at the Kensington Improvisers Collective.

If you want to hear more, invite us play in your living room. Seriously.


2 January Performances and 2 Italian Reviews


We’re back at it in 2015! We’re still developing and performing a new 30 minute suite called “Love Letter” so we’d love to see you at one of these January performances in Brooklyn. One is at a well established weekly series that is a cornerstone of the Brooklyn scene, the other is a new series that hopefully will be around long into the future!

January 6th at the Konceptions series at Korzo 10pm.

January 26th at the 65 Fen Music Series. 9:45pm

Come see what we’ve been cooking up!murder mystery


In other news, we’ve got two new reviews for our 2014 debut release Signal Problems from Italian reviewers this month. Both reviews are encouraging in that the writers seemed to listen to the whole record very closely and each had some interesting observations. If anyone wants to offer their Italian translation services to give us a more accurate idea what they said, I’m all for it! For now, though, we’re happy with these interesting tidbits from Google Translate:

All About Jazz Italia (4 stars!) “..played with wit and intelligence, touching the strings of austerity or the joy of play, or the mystery of paranoia.” “Ultimately a genuine CD and unusual, which has many points of interest.”

Kathodik (3.5 stars) When discussing the tracks: “Chloroform is successful passage chamber (with trumpet in the distance), drenched in a thin (powerful) melancholy end of the party”